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Merrill's AttorneyConnect serves up-to-the-minute status reports and discovery materials automatically, at any time. With a unique user ID and password obtained from our client services staff, you can:

~ Verify and review all aspects of a pending deposition

~ Check your account status

~ Get E-transcriptsTM or ASCII files of finished jobs as soon as they are available

~  Know your discovery materials are secure from unauthorized viewing, while granting convenient access to those you choose

Download the Guide to AttorneyConnect (PDF) for full details and instructions.

  Our court reporters can work remotely, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with  ReporterConnect. When you log onto the secure ReporterConnect web site using your assigned user ID and password, you can:

~ Check your schedule. Get and confirm future job assignments

~ Upload worksheet and  transcripts

~ Track all job activity

Download the Guide to ReporterConnect (PDF) for full details and instructions.